Check nut

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(Mech.) a secondary nut, screwing down upon the primary nut to secure it.
a nut which is screwed up tightly against another nut on the same bolt or screw, in order to prevent accidental unscrewing of the first nut.

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R&P Guiding Roller Od-140 Mm, Width-42 Mm, Spindle Dia 35Mm, Length 135 Mm, Check Nut 2 Nos, Size Id 30 Mm, Side Cover Id 30 Mm Od 120Mm, Bearing 6302 - Qty 35 Nos EMD value : INR 3970 Document Purchase Start date : 20 Feb 2018 Document Purchase End date : 12 Mar 2018 Opening date : 13 Mar 2018
The Thumb Nut series of thumbscrews with internal female thread can be used as a stand-alone thumbscrew or in conjunction with the company's Instant Thumbscrew Knob to create a thumbscrew with a check nut, thereby facilitating locking down an adjustment.
Contract awarded for 73818021-ms hex head bolt m16x50 mm to is:1363 part -ii/1992 with 01 nut & 01 check nut m-16 to is:1363 part/ii/1992, with 02 nos plain punched washer m-16as per is:2016.