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A numerical value calculated from a series of bits of digital data, often by summing their values, used to test whether the data has changed during storage or transmission.

check′sum′ v.


a digit representing the number of bits of information transmitted, attached to the end of a message in order to verify the integrity of data
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Noun1.checksum - a digit representing the sum of the digits in an instance of digital data; used to check whether errors have occurred in transmission or storage
confirmation, substantiation, verification, check - additional proof that something that was believed (some fact or hypothesis or theory) is correct; "fossils provided further confirmation of the evolutionary theory"
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A check-sum is a value calculated from the content of a file that gives the system ability to check its integrity before use.
Post-ICR processing routines can include data validation for certain form fields with spell-checkers, check-sum routines, and database look-up tables.