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the act or fact of checking in.
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Noun1.check-in - the act of reporting your presence (as at an airport or a hotel)check-in - the act of reporting your presence (as at an airport or a hotel)
arrival - the act of arriving at a certain place; "they awaited her arrival"


[ˈtʃekɪn] N (also check-in desk) (at airport) → mostrador m de facturación
your check-in time is an hour before departurela facturación es una hora antes de la salida

check-in (desk)

nAbfertigung f, → Abfertigungsschalter m; (Aviat) → Abflugschalter m; (US, in hotel) → Rezeption f, → Anmeldung f


[ˈtʃɛkˌɪn] n (also check-in desk) (at airport) → check-in m inv, accettazione f bagagli inv


(tʃek) verb
1. to see if something (eg a sum) is correct or accurate. Will you check my addition?
2. to see if something (eg a machine) is in good condition or working properly. Have you checked the engine (over)?
3. to hold back; to stop. We've checked the flow of water from the burst pipe.
1. an act of testing or checking.
2. something which prevents or holds back. a check on imports.
3. in chess, a position in which the king is attacked. He put his opponent's king in check.
4. a pattern of squares. I like the red check on that material.
5. a ticket received in return for handing in baggage etc.
6. (especially American) a bill. The check please, waiter!
7. (American) a cheque.
checked adjective
having a pattern of check. She wore a checked skirt; Is the material checked or striped?
ˈcheckbook noun
(American) a chequebook.
ˈcheck-in noun
1. the place where passengers show travel documents at an airport or seaport. the check-in desk; (American) the check-in counter.
2. the process of checking in at an airport etc.
ˈcheckmate noun
in chess, a position from which the king cannot escape.
to put (an opponent's king) in this position.
ˈcheckout noun
a place where payment is made for goods bought in a supermarket.
ˈcheckpoint noun
a barrier where cars, passports etc are inspected, or a point that contestants in a race must pass.
ˈcheck-up noun
a medical examination to discover the state of a person's health. my annual check-up.
check in
to register at a hotel as a guest or at an airport as a passenger. We checked in last night.
check out
1. to leave (a hotel), paying one's bill etc. You must check out before 12 o'clock.
2. (especially American) to test. I'll check out your story.
check up (on)
to investigate to see if (someone or something) is reliable, honest, true etc. Have you been checking up on me?


تَسْجِيلٌ في فُنْدُق odbavení indcheckning Abfertigungsschalter τσεκ ιν facturación de equipajes, registro de entrada lähtöselvitys enregistrement šalter za prijavu putnika check-in チェックイン 체크인 incheckbalie innsjekking stanowisko odprawy check-in регистрация incheckning จุดเช็คอิน giriş quầy đăng ký khi đến khách sạn hoặc sân bay 办理入住或登机手续
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The existing EUR10 airport checkin fee is being replaced by a EUR5 fee per person, per flight, on new bookings, except for promotional fares.
On Facebook these days, many eagerly share details of their trips from the get-go - right from the moment they checkin at the airport.
He flew out with Jet 2 on December 31 and was staying at the Checkin Concordia Playa hotel in Puerto de la Cruz.
The report also slammed various airlines for not efficiently manning checkin counters and creating artificial situations to deny boarding to confirmed ticket holders.
Guests travelling to destinations in the US must checkin two hoursbefore departure and present themselves at the US Customs and Border Protection facility no later than 90 minutes before departure.
Tenders are invited for Licence For Operating Branded Fast Food Outlet In Checkin Area With A Provisional Option To Sell Beer
Passengers described the situation as "quite scary", with airport staff jumping over checkin desks to escape.
Tickets are $75 per person, and checkin will begin at 11:30 a.
The American pair were halted as they tried to go through staff checkin at Glasgow Airport on Saturday.
The academy - the only one of its type on Teesside - gives students a taste of different roles from baggage handling and checkin services to aircraft deicing and aircraft servicing - at Durham Tees Valley Airport.
Consumers to gain support for causes that are personal to them through a frictionless checkin and social media post process.
Currently, private airlines allow a flier to carry up to 15 kgs of checkin baggage free of cost while state- run Air India allows 23 kgs.