n.1.Anything made so as to form alternate squares like those of a checkerboard.
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Batch Store is a related utility that also works as middleware between an application that needs to store a group of images and the CheckWorks ImageExplorer/Enterprise product.
As a certified vendor for Viewpointe, CheckWorks has developed and implemented both utilities into production at the first site, Atlanta-based SunTrust Bank.
The availability of both Batch Retrieval and Batch Store reflects a sophistication in document imaging that we haven't seen before in the industry," said Brian Heiss, co-founder and CTO of CheckWorks.
According to Randy Lackey, Director of Image Services at Symcor, the company first began working with CheckWorks in an effort to access stored images, immediately following the storage of that image in the database.
With the CheckWorks product, the Balance and Reconciliation Department can immediately view the images, 24 hours a day, and determine instantly where the error lies.
According to Allan Edmonds, co-founder and president of CheckWorks, the benefits of ImageExplorer Network to the organization are widespread.
This restructuring of the company's product direction is designed to offer more comprehensive solutions to CheckWorks customers, which includes many of the top 25 financial institutions in North America.
We have drastically reduced the expense of implementing an image strategy for financial institutions," says Allan Edmonds, president and co-founder of CheckWorks.
Additionally, the company has also increased its full-time employee staff significantly, adding to the more than 40 years of total industry experience held by current CheckWorks employees.
Allan Edmonds, president and co-founder of CheckWorks, attributes much of his company's success over the past year to this very statistic.
Brian Heiss, CheckWorks EVP and lead software architect adds "After the success of our initial check image product - Multi-Function Image Assistant, EIA was a natural progression for our company.
Our agreement with Checkworks allows us to broaden the array of products we offer in order to provide our customers with technology they desire," stated John Lettko, Chairman and CEO of Viewpointe Archive Services.