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also ched·dar  (chĕd′ər)
Any of several types of smooth hard cheese varying in flavor from mild to extra sharp.

[After Cheddar, a village of southwest England.]


1. (Cookery) (sometimes not capital) any of several types of smooth hard yellow or whitish cheese
2. (Placename) a village in SW England, in N Somerset: situated near Cheddar Gorge, a pass through the Mendip Hills renowned for its stalactitic caverns and rare limestone flora. Pop: 4796 (2001)


(ˈtʃɛd ər)

a hard smooth-textured cheese that varies in color from white to yellow or orange and in flavor from mild to sharp as it ages.
[1655–65; after Cheddar, village in Somersetshire, England]
ched′dar•y, adj.
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Noun1.Cheddar - a village in southwestern England where cheddar cheese was first made
England - a division of the United Kingdom
2.cheddar - hard smooth-textured cheesecheddar - hard smooth-textured cheese; originally made in Cheddar in southwestern England
cheese - a solid food prepared from the pressed curd of milk
rat cheese, store cheese - informal names for American cheddar


[ˈtʃedəʳ] N (also cheddar cheese) → queso m cheddar


[ˈtʃɛdər] ncheddar m


nCheddar(käse) m
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Considering it, the mind reeled under visions of the feasts of Elagabalus; and the subtle harmonies of Debussy mingled with the musty, fragrant romance of chests in which have been kept old clothes, ruffs, hose, doublets, of a forgotten generation, and the wan odour of lilies of the valley and the savour of Cheddar cheese.
The Mature and Extra Mature Cheddars are made by Parkham Farm, on the North Devon coast, where the Willis family have over 30 years of cheddar-making experience.
Additionally, Tillamook debuted a new flavor of shredded cheese in response to increased consumer demand for white cheddars.
Cheddar, and its offshoots, has something to tell us about this country: the way people rally to certain cheddars but not others; the way they extol or denounce the way others eat it; the role of the commodification of a once-artisan cheese and the effect that has on rural communities.
The accreditation communicates to our consumers the uniqueness and heritage of Orkney Scottish Island Cheddar, which differs from other traditional cheddars due to its unique dry stir production method.
Orkney Cheese Company general manager Tim Deakin said: "The accreditation communicates the uniqueness and heritage of Orkney Scottish island cheddar which differs from other traditional cheddars due to its dry-stir production method.
In line with this trend, much of the focus of Morrisons' latest range review was on boosting its own-label offering, with the retailer introducing four "award-winning" Cheddars that will be exclusive to Morrisons.
The judges ranked Collier's as one of the best vintage premium cheddars from those submitted by premier manufacturers from around the world and it was also selected as the top cheddar produced in Wales from a wonderful selection including Welsh speciality cheeses.
The extra maturing time given to Seriously Strong Cheddar gives it that deliciously rich and crumbly texture you get from better-bred cheddars.
Earlier this year, the medium and mild cheddars both picked up gold prizes at the World Cheese Awards while more recently, both the mature cheddar and Double Gloucester lifted gold at the Cheshire Show.
Unlike Stilton, whose eponymous cheese was never made there, the original Cheddars may have been made in creameries in the town of Cheddar, although more likely on farms throughout the Somerset countryside.
has added three new cheddars to its award-winning line of San Joaquin Cheddar cheese.