Cheese vat

a vat or tub in which the curd is formed and cut or broken, in cheese making.

See also: Cheese

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Tenders are invited for open cheese vat and accessories as detailed.
Indeed not, especially as the unpasteurised, farm-assured milk only has to travel 15 feet along a stainless steel pipe to the cheese vat in a purpose-built dairy.
At the cheese vat, where I add rennet and the cheese culture, depending on whether it's the Abergoch or Aberwen.
The drained curd is then cut into slabs about 6 inches square and stacked in a heated cheese vat.
Thus, localized acid production enhances the mass of culture aggregates to the degree that most aggregates fall to the bottom of the cheese vat and form a layer of sludge and acid that's distributed unevenly throughout the skim milk.
CoAguLite technology required designing a fiber optic sensor, a suitable programmable logic control (PLC) process control algorithm, and a probe adaptable to cheese vat conditions.
Five years ago, he bought the company and his search for larger premises three years ago took him out of Worcester to Pond Farm where he has a 5,000 li tre cheese vat, storage space for 12,000 cheeses and makes two tonnes of cheese a week.
Tenders are invited for Purchase of Various Kinds of Equipments-Automatic Cheese VAT.
The milk is piped into a cheese vat, and when it has been turned into cheese it is matured for around five weeks in maturation rooms before delivery.
Tetra Tebel[R] model O-Vat--New fully enclosed, high yield automated cottage cheese vat.