macaroni and cheese

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Noun1.macaroni and cheese - macaroni prepared in a cheese saucemacaroni and cheese - macaroni prepared in a cheese sauce
pasta - a dish that contains pasta as its main ingredient
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MAC AND CHEESE IN A MUG This genius of a recipe makes an ultra creamy mug of cheesy macaroni in a jiffy.
He reveals that popular dishes include the 'mac daddy burger', which consists of BBQ pulled beef brisket and a beef patty, topped with cheesy macaroni pasta.
Teenagers are then taught to make full main meals such as saucy Spaghetti Bolognese, Cheesy Macaroni and various other dishes using an oven or hub.
Fishwich or cheesy macaroni and cheese, cucumber and celery sticks and ranched up hummus.
He loves cat food, cheesy macaroni, mince, tuna, cold meat and cheese.
And cheesy macaroni bites--five-cheese macaroni pressed overnight, breaded, deep fried and served with truffled cheese sauce--are featured at Fix Restaurant & Bar at the Bellagio.
Tommy devoured the aforementioned macaroni cheese - a particularly cheesy macaroni cheese - and, served with extra chillies as requested, I couldn't fault the penne with Italian sausage.
Sustain the kids before they make their neighborhood rounds with Cheesy Macaroni and Hot Dogs.