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[Hindi cītal, spotted, axis deer, from Middle Indic cittala, from Sanskrit citrala-, variegated, spotted, from citra-, bright, spotted.]


(Animals) another name for axis2
[from Hindi]
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A delicate, shy species with few defences, the spotted deer, or cheetal, has had the highest number of births so far, that is, five.
Various species of wildlife animals including black deer, cheetal deer, neel cow, rabbit and others have also been residing in Cholistan desert.
The chital or cheetal, also known as spotted deer or axis deer, is a species of deer that is native in the subcontinent.
BAHAWALPUR -- A female cheetal deer also known as spotted deer gave birth to two baby deer at the Bahawalpur Zoo on Saturday.
So far, HAL has indigenously designed & developed 17 types of aircraft / helicopters consisting of three fighter aircrafts including ongoing platform of Light Combat Aircraft (LCA)-Tejas, Advanced Light Helicopter (ALH)-DHRUV and Chetak / Cheetal Helicopter.
His decision to go ahead with Indian military supplies of two Cheetal helicopters and his declared intention of continuing negotiations with India on a more proactive defense cooperation need to be seen in this backdrop.
There are indications that the deal would be cancelled except three Cheetal helicopters, which were built by Hindustan Aeronautical Ltd.
A request for proposal (RFP) has been sent by the IAF to HAL for buying 12 Cheetal helicopters which will be used for carrying out operations in high altitude areas in the northern borders, IAF officials said.
The leopard, jungle cat, rusty spotted cat, cheetal, sambhar, four-horned antelope, wild boar and hare are also easy to spot here, along with over 200 species of avifauna.
On the other hand, three days earlier Mushtaq Zubair has passed away in Civil Hospital here on Monday morning, Mushtaq had been injured during the funeral procession of the MQMs worker, while his death tensed the situation in various areas including Bhawara Pir, Bheem Pura, Haji Camp, Cheetal Das Compound, Chand BB Road, Neaper, Eid Gah, Kharadar, Meethadar, Nishtar Road and Lee Market, and the furious protestors stoned on the road and burnt the tyre.
Suddenly the eerie calm was broken by the shrill call of alarm by a cheetal, followed by the sudden appearance of a tiger as it rushed through the grass towards the herd of deer.
This game of Cheetah, Cheetal (pronounced just as it's spelled) gets its name from these animals, it is an active chase-and-tag game that imitates the hunt.