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And she was subject to Iason, shepherd of the people, and bare a son Medeus whom Cheiron the son of Philyra brought up in the mountains.
Stahnisch, "Some Milestones from a Century of Brain Research in the Province of Alberta, 1910 to 2010," in: ISHN and Cheiron, eds., First Joint Conference of the International Society for the History of the Neurosciences and the International Society for the History of Behavioral & Social Sciences (Calgary, AB: University of Calgary, 2011), 24-30; esp.25f.
The former assistant, who sends Melanna and Mount Cheiron to Musselburgh, assumes control of the dual-purpose facility in Garstang from Mike Hammond, who had been temporarily using the base as a satellite yard to complement his Worcestershire stable.
Cheiron, a subsidiary of the Egyptian conglomerate PICO Group, has acquired a 50% stake in Sahara North Bahariya Ltd, the owner of the North Bahariya Concession in the Western Desert, for $83m.
WOLVERHAMPTON: 1.20 Insolenceofoffice Poly Track (won off 54 down 6lb to 48); Spirit Of Gondree (8lb); 2.25 Archipeligo (8lb); 4.45 Mount Cheiron (6lb); Quadriga (6lb); City Of Angkor Wat (14lb); Dukes Meadow (17lb); 5.15 Pipers Piping (3lb); Outlaw Torn (5lb).
"Cyrene and Cheiron: The Mvth of Pindar's Ninth Pvthian." Phoenix 32: 91-104.
Seabrook takes the reader back to Stockholm in 1992 and through a series of interviews, learns how Denniz Pop built the phenomenally successful Cheiron Studios.