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(Placename) a volcanic island in the N East China Sea, southwest of Korea: constitutes a province (Cheju-do) of South Korea. Capital: Cheju. Pop: 302 000 (2005 est). Area: 1792 sq km (692 sq miles). Formerly called: Quelpart



an island S of and belonging to South Korea. 365,522; 718 sq. mi. (1860 sq. km).
Formerly, Quelpart.
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Bishop Peter Kang U-I1 of Cheju, South Korea is the head of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of Korea.
From May to October, Costa Victoria will offer seven-day and shorter cruises to Japan and South Korea from Shanghai, calling at Cheju and Yeosu, South Korea, and Fukuoka, Osaka, Kagoshima, Wakayama and Hososhima, Japan.
International Conference on Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science (2011: Cheju Island, Korea) Ed.
Then it's on to the beautiful Korean island of Cheju before returning to Shanghai.
There is a need to face history squarely,'' Song Min Soon, South Korea's foreign affairs and trade minister, was quoted as telling his Japanese counterpart Taro Aso in a bilateral meeting on South Korea's Cheju Island, according to a Japanese official.
International conference on Hybrid Information Technology (2006: Cheju Island, Korea) Ed.
The aircraft was on its way to Seoul from the island of Cheju when the damage occurred.
Intervention by Bishop Peter Kang U-II of Cheju, Korea, at the bishops' synod on the Eucharist in Rome
CHEJU, South Korea - Trade ministers from members of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum began their two-day meeting on Cheju Island, South Korea, on Thursday to discuss ways to move forward trade liberalization talks under the World Trade Organization as well as measures to fight piracy.
Trade ministers of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum endorsed an anti-piracy initiative at the end of their two-day talks Friday on Cheju Island, South Korea, which involves working out guidelines for a stricter crackdown on counterfeit and pirated goods.
SK Telecom launched its pilot in-vehicle telematics services in Cheju Island last year.