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 (chŭ′kyäng′, jŭ′gyäng′)


(ˈtʃɛˈkjæŋ; -kaɪˈæŋ)
(Placename) a variant transliteration of the Chinese name for Zhejiang



also Chekiang

a province in E China, on the East China Sea. 42,940,000; 39,300 sq. mi. (101,800 sq. km). Cap.: Hangzhou.
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Zhejiang is the current spelling of what was previously transliterated in English as Chekiang.
Distribution: China: Hainan, Kwangtung, Kiangsi, Chekiang, Fukien, Yunnan; Taiwan; Thailand; Laos; Myanmar; Malaysia; India; Vietnam: Yen Bay [probably = current Yen Bai Province], Phu Lang Thoung [= Phu Lang Thuong, part of Bac Giang Province] (Giordani Soika, 1982 (1981)).
In 1955 he was consecrated bishop of the diocese of Chekiang (Zhejiang).
When he first arrived in China in 1854, Robert Hart (1835-1911) was a nineteen-year-old student interpreter in the British Consular Service and was assigned to Ningpo, a commercial town in Chekiang with a foreign community of about twenty-five consular officials, merchants, and missionaries.
The cartouche of Chekiang Province is perhaps the first European depiction of Chinese cotton-making.
In 1914, a ginkgo was found growing naturally in China's Chekiang province.
As Watchman Nee wrote on December 4, 1932, "For three years now, more than ten places in Tsao Ning (Zaoning), of Kiangsu (Jiangsu), belonging to the [American] Presbyterians, more than ten places in T'ai Shuen (Taishun), of Chekiang (Zhejiang), belonging to the [China] Inland Mission, a number of places in Fukien (Fujian) of other sects, agreeing in doctrine, have already been amalgamated, have done away with their original name, changed the rules of pastors and leaders, and attached themselves to the Little Flock.
Another, from one "Lee Chow-wong" at Chekiang First Bank, stated that his client had died intestate leaving US$30 million.
Colonel Doolittle and his crew were more fortunate; after bailing out, they were rescued by sympathetic Chinese and smuggled by river into Chekiang Province.
Mizuho Corporate Bank will sell all outstanding shares of its wholly owned retail-banking unit, Chekiang First Bank, to Wing Hang Bank of Hong Kong, Mizuho Financial Group Inc.
Ricci wrote about the Kaifeng Jewish Community in his diary (written in Italian and first published in Latin in 1615) that, by 1605, "They lived there (in Kaifeng) for 500 or 600 years and many more families of their co-religionists with a synagogue stayed in Hangchow, the capital of Chekiang, and also in other parts, but (there) without a synagogue.
On September 8, 1967, Tom left Taoyuan at 8:45 AM and turned left toward Chekiang province.