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A district of western London, England, on the north bank of the Thames River, popular since the 18th century with writers and artists.


(Placename) a residential district of SW London, in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea: site of the Chelsea Royal Hospital for old and invalid soldiers (Chelsea Pensioners)


(ˈtʃɛl si)

a former borough in Greater London, England: now part of Kensington and Chelsea.
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The focus of worship on the island was Ix Chel, the Maya goddess of the moon, childbirth, fertility, and medicine.
But the work at Ix Chel is likely to have an effect reaching far beyond the local populace.
The following day, people who had sought refuge with the guerrillas near the village of Chel found the 45 bodies with multiple bullet wounds.
One side of the compound is bordered by the steep banks of the winding Macal River and its Chaa Creek tributary, the other by the Ix Chel Farm and Tropical Research Center.
Casey Chel, the disaster management officer for Long Beach, said officials don't have a plan to evacuate the whole county.
In Sastun, Arvigo explains that Don Eligio introduced her to Ix Chel as the goddess of medicine during a herb gathering session, when he claimed it was easier to find herbs with a female companion because the goddess has her subjects show themselves to the female healer more readily (Arvigo 1994: 56).
This line is aimed at transporting a minimum of 180 mw of electricity from the Chimtala substation, which receives power from the Pul-i-Khumri substation, around 250km north of Kabul, to Qala-i-Mohib, Chel Dukhtaran and other areas.
When nine-year-old Elena Caba Ilom heard people screaming in the distance she knew that something terrible was about to happen in her tiny village of Chel, in the highland department of Quiche in Guatemala.
Enders Jessie Wallace has used enough Ronseal to paint a fence Hollyoaks star Jennifer Metcalfe looks heavenly in floor-length frock Mi M chel Michelle Keegan won sexiest female last year - and should keep her crown Eh E up up, Becky, love
It was the first time mini broadcaster ten-year-old Chel sea Jones had got to interview someone famous.
Among the topics are a new perspective from the region on the origins of the Mesoamerican ballgame, the political and economic organization of late classic states in the peninsular gulf coast, excavations of the great platform of Chichen Itza, rain and fertility rituals in postclassic Yucatan featuring Chaak and Chak Chel, and lessons from the Spanish conquest and the caste war of Yucatan.