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Noun1.Chelidonium - one species: greater celandine
dilleniid dicot genus - genus of more or less advanced dicotyledonous trees and shrubs and herbs
family Papaveraceae, Papaveraceae, poppy family - herbs or shrubs having milky and often colored juices and capsular fruits
Chelidonium majus, greater celandine, swallow wort, swallowwort, celandine - perennial herb with branched woody stock and bright yellow flowers
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Mae dail llysiau'r wennol (Chelidonium majus; Greater Celandine) wedi ymddangos, a siawns erbyn canol Ebrill y bydd y blodau wedi ymddangos hefyd.
The active ingredients in the cream's composition include Calamintha (effective during upsets of the immune system and oncological diseases), Birch Extract (has powerful antiviral properties), Hedera helix (helps with burns, calluses, skin infection, inflammation, parasites, etc.), Chelidonium majus (possesses antiviral and immunomodulating effects.
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Asimismo, en Roncal, existen algunos nombres populares cuya raiz esta vinculada de forma clara al nombre cientifico de la planta: Chelidonium majus L.
25 obtained extracts from selected Papaveraceae (genera: Papaver, Eschscholzia, Chelidonium, Argemone, and Glaucium) and Berberidaceae species (Berberis spp.) were evaluated for their qualitative and quantitative composition in the optimized method.
Evaluation of radiosensitizing and anti-angiogenesis activity of Chelidonium majus extract in ehrlich ascites carcinoma transplanted mice.
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Here one has seen the emission of drugs such as alkaloids and anthraquinones prevailed in the samples of Chelidonium majus and Frangula alnus, relatively.