n.1.A small stone taken from the gizzard of a young swallow. - anciently worn as a medicinal charm.
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The artist's collaboration with Benedictus Chelidonius on the various Passion projects, according to the author, amounted to a new genre, the "humanist book of faith," and the monumental Four Holy Men (1526) can best be understood in the context of the artist's affinity for Erasmus and other humanists like Melanchthon at the expense of Luther.
Their author was Benedictus Chelidonius, a cleric and minor humanist who was a member of the Nuremberg sodality to which Durer belonged and skilful in the varied forms of classical verse: a skill to which he apparently gave full rein.
Professor Price, in discussing the woodcuts of the Life of the Virgin, for which Chelidonius provided the text, rightly speaks of our entering, through their architectural perspectives, a humanist space.