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or Chel·le·an  (shĕl′ē-ən)

[After Chelles, a city of north-central France.]


n, adj
(Archaeology) (no longer in technical usage) another word for Abbevillian
[C19: from French chelléen, from Chelles, France, where various items were found]


or Abbe•vill•e•an

(æbˌvɪl i ən, -ˈvɪl yən, ˌæb əˈvɪl-)

of or designating an early Lower Paleolithic industry of the middle Pleistocene Epoch in Europe, characterized by manufacture of large flakes and hand axes.
[< French abbevillien (1932); see Abbeville]
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In this the successive typological scheme of de Mortillet and others is clear, with the sequence of Pre-Chellean, Chellean, Acheulean, Mousterian, Aurignacian, Solutrean and Magdalenian equated with the Alpine glacial/interglacial scheme, squeezed into this restricted Pleistocene time.
In Iberia and Africa we have developed along our own lines (I am including Leakey's material in this generalisation), and there is no real counterpart to the Chellean and Acheulean at all in this area.
He also tells us that the 'grisly folk' as he calls them, the Homo erectus, Chellean, larger hominids who made huge stone implements, 'passed away before the faces of the true men'; they were displaced and died out by the arrival of the Solutrians, the Homo sapiens.