Chelonia mydas

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Noun1.Chelonia mydas - large tropical turtle with greenish flesh used for turtle soupChelonia mydas - large tropical turtle with greenish flesh used for turtle soup
marine turtle, sea turtle - any of various large turtles with limbs modified into flippers; widely distributed in warm seas
Chelonia, genus Chelonia - green turtles
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Although some species, such as the loggerhead, Caretta caretta, and green, Chelonia mydas, turtles may vary among populations and individuals in the details of their life history patterns (Hatase et al.
Ces Eles sont un milieu parfait pour les tortues de l'espece Chelonia mydas.
Hatching success and nest predation in the green sea turtle Chelonia mydas at Tortuguero, Costa Rica.
testudinaria is the most often reported sea turtle barnacle and is commonly found on Caretta caretta (loggerhead) and Chelonia mydas (green turtle) dating as far back as the Miocene epoch.
The participants in the tour will also visit Tortuguero in Costa Rica, where they will see chelonia mydas turtles come up from the ocean and lay eggs.
Although the Clayton suprapygal seems to be unquestionably Chelonia, there appear to be some differences in proportion between the fossil and the modern species Chelonia mydas (Table 1).
Muscat: Ras (Cape) Al Hadd is an internationally renowned nesting site and sanctuary for Green Sea Turtles, Chelonia Mydas, harbouring one of the largest nesting populations in the Indian Ocean.
Much of the turtle bone from the lower levels is heavily cemented with calcium carbonate but on the basis of size it is likely to be from the Green Turtle, Chelonia mydas.