n.1.A claw. See Chela.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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They included Cobbold John Lusoi's widow Puyang Laing, Chely Jenggu, Deny Nico, Brauszelt Elden Usah, Synne Darlyn, Nicholas Dominic, Guro Siang, Rahman Mattu, Matthew Jeluing and Anjie Seli.
In the book, topics range from light--like comedy writer and Hollywood Squares alum Bruce Vilanch quipping on being godfather to some 40 kids--to more serious, like country singer Chely Wright speaking on battles yet to be won in the queer community.
The journey of country music singer and gay rights activist Chely Wright as she became the first major country music performer to publicly come out.
( Chely Wright LIKE MEAaAaAeAe[R] Scholarship -- $1,250 -- May
"We are so honored to have support from this year's star performers Chely Wright and Richard Blanco as well Seattle's own openly gay Mayor Ed Murray at this year's 'A Slice of a Good Life' gayla.
Previously featured were Alan Cummings, Hal Sparks, Margaret Cho, Wanda Sykes, and Chely Wright.
There are pockets of the industry, such as the country and hip-hop music scenes, where progress has been mixed, despite the presence of "out" stars like Frank Ocean and Chely Wright.,,
This year's performers will include Ne-Yo, Steve Miller, country star Chely Wright, Patti Labelle, and the groups Fifth Harmony, Nico and Vinz and The Tenors.
Lesbian celebrities use the word frequently--comedians Ellen Degeneres and Wanda Sykes, chef Cat Cora and country singer Chely Wright, to name just a few.
A nivel personal, yo me reunia con tres escritores (Chely Lima, Alberto Serret y Antonio Orlando Rodriguez) de manera regular, pero ninguno de ellos pertenecia a ese taller.