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n. Informal
Chemistry, especially as an academic subject.


var. of chemo- before a vowel: chemosmosis.


1. chemical.
2. chemist.
3. chemistry.
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ORG CHEM Group is active in taking refinery stocks and creating unique and specialty products with their proprietary distillation capabilities.
Since the acquisition of NanoH2O in April 2014, LG Chem has aggressively furthered its innovative nanocomposite membrane technology and expanded its sales operations and manufacturing capabilities, including a new state-of-the-art, fully integrated membrane factory in Cheong-ju, Korea.
Make- Emerck, Bdh, Glaxo, Sd Fine Chem, Ranbaxy & Hi-Media Only, Lab Chem-Sodium Bicarbonate Ar Grade Pack Size:- 500 Gms Make- Emerck, Bdh, Glaxo, Sd Fine Chem, Ranbaxy & Hi-Media Only.
Not to be confused with chemical engineering (Chem Eng), Eng Chem is a program unique to Queen's University.
AACC Hosts the International Congress on Clinical Chemistry, 9-14 September 1956, in New York, and Clinical Chemistry publishes the abstracts (Clin Chem 1956;2:225-95 and 383-93).
Media Contact: Sarah Forrer, Qual Chem, 2164096518, sarahjoyforrer@gmail.
He most recently worked with Linear Source prior to joining Trust Chem.
A Government probe in the 1980s into the spate of eye disease found no link with the Re- Chem plant and it closed in 1984 for "financial reasons".
Barry Ekstrand has been appointed President of Chem Rock, where he will focus on business expansion by leveraging Chem Rock's unique well stimulation and well fracture technology and track record for delivering improved well economics.
Trust Chem supplies to their customers throughout the world from their own joint venture factories and from a large number of the leading pigment factories in China.
Robert Milano, marketing manager for Fitz Chem, said, "Fitz Chem Corporation was established in 1985, originally as the Donald R.