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Noun1.chemical plant - an industrial plant where chemicals are producedchemical plant - an industrial plant where chemicals are produced
factory, manufactory, manufacturing plant, mill - a plant consisting of one or more buildings with facilities for manufacturing
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Kind of slick, that; oily, you know; not made in a chemical factory."
Summary: Dhule (Maharashtra) [India], Sept 1 (ANI): A case was registered on Sunday against the management of the chemical factory here where a massive fire broke out after an explosion on Saturday.
Earlier reports said, more than 20 people are feared dead in an explosion in a chemical factory in Dhule, Maharashtra.
The Nema officials also raided Synresins Chemical Factory that manufactures resins used in paints, inks and textiles.
Beijing, July 1 (Petra) - Two Chinese persons were killed and nine others injured in an explosion at a chemical factory in Bengbu, east China's Anhui Province, the local emergency response authority said Sunday.
LAHORE -- The roof of a chemical factory caved in after a massive fire broke out in the area of Sundar police here on Monday.
A Sri Lankan refugee who was injured during a chemical factory fire in Melbourne is recovering in hospital after being engulfed in flames, the Daily Mail reported Vignesh Varatharaja, who fled the civil war in Sri Lanka to start a new life in Australia, was set on fire after a chemical drum he was pumping exploded.
* Paranthan Chemical factory to return with two new industry zones
A fire outbreak occurred at a chemical factory, Megadot Nigeria Limited, located within the premises of the Ondo State Trade Fair Complex, Akure, on Friday night and destroyed goods worth about N100m.
FAISALABAD -- Precious material was reduced to ashes when a fire erupted in a chemical factory near Toll Plaza at Sitiana Road.
Prominent cases to be taken up by the bench include excessive fee structure of private medical colleges, disposal of hospital and sewerage waste, air pollution, untreated effluent being discharged in Budhi drain by a private chemical factory and lack of adequate healthcare facilities in Defence, Lahore.
AN explosion at a chemical factory near Cairo's main airport has injured at least a dozen people, reports said.

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