Chemical spectrum

a spectrum of rays considered solely with reference to their chemical effects, as in photography. These, in the usual photogrophic methods, have their maximum influence at and beyond the violet rays, but are not limited to this region.

See also: Spectrum

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Consuming large gas giants - such as Jupiter, which is thought to have a rocky core that could easily have the terrestrial mass of 15 Earths - would not produce the same chemical spectrum as seen on Kronos.
Though the CIC and its constituent societies have awards covering most of the chemical spectrum, there is one award conspicuous by its absence: a green chemistry award.
As these long-lived species come to dominate the chemical spectrum `we may see some hiccups along the way', he says.
from one end of the chemical spectrum to the other come into intimate contact with graphic arts rolls.
Edward Staples, the President of Electronic Sensor Technology, "the zNose(TM) is an ultra-fast and sensitive chemical spectrum analyzer with the ability to detect extremely minute traces of odors and vapors.
Edward Staples, the managing Director of EST, "The zNose(R) operates much like a chemical spectrum analyzer for hydrocarbons spanning the range C4 (butane) to C24 (tetracosane).