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A river, about 975 km (605 mi) long, of northern India and eastern Pakistan. It is one of the five rivers of the Punjab.


(Placename) a river rising in the Himalayas and flowing southwest to the Sutlej River in Pakistan. Length: 1087 km (675 miles)



a river in S Asia, flowing SW from N India to the Sutlej River in E Pakistan. ab. 675 mi. (1085 km) long.
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Chenab Gandhi , meanwhile, has been having a tough time.
Pakistan is planning to approach the World Bank (WB) to seek compensation from India for reduced water flow in the Chenab River and design defects in Baglihar Dam.
Additionally, "India has allocated $212 billion for turning the water courses of Chenab, Jhelum and Indus from North to South and deprive Pakistan of its share of water and establish Indian water hegemony - an all-encompassing strategy to destabilize Pakistan.
Pakistan had already lodged a protest with India through the Indus Water Commission and the Foreign Office against the reduction in water flow in the River Chenab, the report said.
The Indus and Chenab Rivers were in high flood from Friday affecting the population in eastern province of Punjab as heavy rains lashed the province.
Some religious groups and activists blamed India for releasing water from its Baghliar dam into River Chenab causing the destruction of Pakistani plains.
Currently, there are two rail bridges in the world which will lose their status as the tallest after the Chenab rail bridge is completed.
He, however, said that river Chenab at Qadirabad was discharging only 1,24,000 cusecs which was normal.
As a result, High to Very High Flood situation is expected in rivers Jhelum and Chenab from September 21-25, 2015.
Mohammad Yousuf, a voter of Moza Maqsoodpur told reporter that some 8-10 families having 50-60 registered male and female voters were residing at Binda Sargana and they have to hire four boats to reach to the other bank of river Chenab to cast their votes at a polling station, government girl and boys primary school at Moza Maqsoodpur of union council Chak Farazi.
Ashraf earlier chaired a meeting of senior officials to take stock of the implications of the reduction of flows in Chenab to fill reservoir of the Baglihar hydropower project in the Indian Kashmir.