Chenopodium album

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Noun1.Chenopodium album - common weedy European plant introduced into North AmericaChenopodium album - common weedy European plant introduced into North America; often used as a potherb
lamb's-quarter, pigweed, wild spinach - leaves collected from the wild
wild spinach - leafy greens collected from the wild and used as a substitute for spinach
goosefoot - any of various weeds of the genus Chenopodium having small greenish flowers
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As 37 species of harmful weeds grow in wheat field in different cropping systems; the most troublesome being Philtres minor, Chenopodium album, Convolvulus arvensis, etc.
Sonchus asper was infested by eight aphid species and was followed by Tagetes minuta, Galinosoga perviflora and Chenopodium album that were infested by 7, 6 and 5 aphid species respectively.
Sunflower leaf extracts substantially inhibited seed germination, growth and dry biomass of broad leaved weeds such as Trianthema portulacastrum [20], Chenopodium album and Rumex dentatus [21].
2010) concluded that brown seeds of Chenopodium album were salt tolerant and could germinate rapidly to a high percentage in a wide range of environments; while black seeds were salt sensitive, indicating that the seeds with different colors react differently to germination conditions.
sanguinalis * Apocynum cannabinum Juncus interior Cerastium fontanum * Asclepias incamata Leucospora multifida Chamaecrista fasdculata Asclepias Mollugo vertidllata * Chamaesyce maculata sullivantii Asclepias syriaca Nepeta cataria * Chenopodium album * Asclepias Panicum clandestinum Cirsium arvense * vertidllata Baptisia ladea Panicum Clinopodium arkansana dichotomijlomm Bidens sp.
Whole plants of Chenopodium album were collected from Gazipur in Dhaka district, Bangladesh during December, 2011.
In this research Chenopodium album and Chenopodium murale were evaluated for their comparative potential to phytoremediate increased (0-750 mM) cadmium (Cd) from soil.
09% were Cichorium intybus, Calotropis procera, Achyranthes aspera Cirsium arvense, Conyza ambigua, Cypreus rotundus, Chenopodium album, Chenopodium murale, Convolvulus arvensis, Oxalis corniculata, Cynodon dactylon, Dactyloctenium aegyptium and Rumex dentatus.