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(ˈkæf reɪ, ˈkɑf-)

(Chephren) fl. late 26th century B.C., Egyptian king of the fourth dynasty (son of Cheops).
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Khafre, known to the Ancient Greeks as Chephren, built the second of the three famous Pyramids of Giza.
The Pyramid of Khafre, or of Chephren, is the second-tallest and second-largest of the Ancient Egyptian Pyramids of Giza and the tomb of the Fourth Dynasty Pharaoh Khafre (Chephren), who ruled from c.Ce2558 to 2532 BC.
Darnell und Colleen Manassa behandeln "A Trustworthy Sealbearer on a Mission: The Monuments of Sabastet from the Khephren Diorite Quarries." Nach einer generellen Einfuhrung uber das Gebiet der Minen von Chephren am Gabal al-Asr, etwa 80 Kilometer nordwestlich von Tusha gelegen, werden die vier Hauptobjekte des Beitrags vorgestellt, die mit einem einzigen Schrein in Verbindung stehen und durch einen Mann namens S3-B3st.t gestiftet wurden.
Later, the two largest pyramids on the Giza plateau, those of Cheops and Chephren, will also be scanned.
Everyone writes Chephren or Khafre, while the exact transcription is given by Antenor Firmin: Kha-f-Ra, Kha-ef-Ra, "he appears in glory (as) Ra";
The Pyramid of Khafre, also known as the Pyramid of Chephren, was reopened in October 2012 after 10-year-long renovation work, to strengthen the ailing Egyptian tourism sector.
Egyptologists attribute the three Giza pyramids to three IVth Dynasty pharaohs, Khufu (called Cheops by the Greeks), then Khafra (Chephren) and Menkaura (Mycerinus).
The tomb belonged to Rudj-Ka, a priest who lived during the fifth dynasty (2465 - 2323 B.C.) and was responsible for the mortuary cult of the pharaoh Khafre, also known as Chephren.
to 2,374 B.C.) belongs to Rudj-ka, a cleric who headed the mortuary cult of King Chephren, the builder of the second largest of the three pyramids in Gaza, Egypt's Supreme Council of Antiquities chief Zahi Hawwas said in a statement.
The Pyramids and Nile Cruise begins in Cairo, where clients will stay on the bank of the Nile River in the Ramses Hilton or Cairo Sheraton hotel and visit the Pyramids of Cheops and Chephren, which have stood for 46 centuries, and the Sphinx.
He has also asked for the return of the bust of Achhaf, the builder of the Chephren Pyramid, from the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston and a statue of the Hemiunu, the nephew of Pharaoh Khufu from Germany's Roemer-Pelizaeu museum.
Oscott, who used a Ouija board to channel a dead pharaoh; John Anthony West, who thought that Pharaoh Chephren chopped off the earlier female face of the Sphinx replacing it with his own; and Howard Vyse, who in 1837 used gunpowder to blow out the broken excavating rods lodged in the tail.The "charming and exasperating Sphinx" continues to fascinate, unlike Lady Alroy.