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Sandra Quinn, director of communications for the Payments Council, said: "The cheque guarantee card scheme will not be re-introduced.
Summary: Just months after it was scrapped, MPs are pushing for the return of the cheque guarantee card.
An organisation which sets payment methods in the UK should consider bringing back the cheque guarantee card just months after scrapping it, MPs have said.
Under pressure, the council last month ditched the deadline - but refused to bring back the cheque guarantee card scheme.
Birmingham accountant Henry Briggs says confirmation of the closure of the Cheque Guarantee Card Scheme at the end of June could ultimately make companies more efficient.
About 39 per cent of people didn't know after June 30 they will no longer be able to guarantee a cheque payment by showing a cheque guarantee card with the Shakespeare hologram on it.
The industry also faced pounds 43m losses in 2008 from cheque guarantee card misuse.
To an outsider, it might appear odd that Cypriot retailers should accept a cheque at all without a cheque guarantee card.
All I know is that we charge pounds 10 on a pounds 100 cheque and then we've got a floating variable APR for anything without a cheque guarantee card.
At the Championship, they make no charge for cashing personal cheques of customers of other UK banks when the cheque is supported by an appropriate cheque guarantee card.
Despite having a cheque guarantee card, I was charged pounds 35 by it the other day for a reluctantly "honoured" cheque for pounds 21 to the supermarket.