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(tʃəˈrɛm kəˌvoʊ)

a city in the SE Russian Federation in Asia, NW of Irkutsk. 110,000.
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Alexei Kozyura added that it is necessary to resolve the issue with providing equipment to the school-garden number 1 in Cheremkhovo, which should be open for the new academic year.
The situation in the Cheremkhovo coal mines was exceptionally problematic, as was that of the forest industry, called on to increase its production significantly.
The latter is mining the Glavny seam in the northern part of the Cheremkhovo deposits.
At the Belsky fish hatchery in the Cheremkhovo district of the Irkutsk region, pellets and omul eggs harvested at the Bratsk reservoir for artificial stocking of the region's reservoirs with valuable fish species are being prepared for inventory.
Electronic auction: conducting selective overhaul of the regional state budgetary professional educational institution "cheremkhovsky medical college" for the 1st lermontov, house 5 in cheremkhovo (fencing the territory with the construction of a site for garbage collection).