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(tʃɜrˈkɛsk, tʃɛr-)
the capital of the Karachai-Cherkess Autonomous Region, in the Russian Federation. 113,000.
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He noted that cars will be assembled at the Derways plant in Cherkessk.
"One girl came from (regional capital) Cherkessk, we took her photograph, because her bosses asked her to report back.
Origin Destination Route First start distance date (km) Chongqing Cherkessk (Russia) 10,000 Nov 11, 2014 Tomsk (Russia) Wuhan 9,755 Nov2014 Suzhou Warszawa (Poland) 11,200 Sep 29, 2013 Brest (Belarus) Suzhou Ca.
North Caucasus State Academy of Humanities and Technology, Cherkessk, Russian Federation
Outside of Abkhazia, votes in this election were also cast in Moldavia, Cherkessk and ystanbul.
The administrative Center of the republic is Cherkessk. In Kabardino-Balkaria, ethnic Kabardins (or Circassians) account for a majority of the republic's population--57, 2 %, or 492 000 people.
Cherkessk: Karachaevo-Cherkesskoe respublikanskoe knizhnoc izd-vo, 2006.
One was identified as Russian, one as either Kharachayev or Cherkessk, and the third was unrecognisable.
LEADING PAINT INDUSTRY PLAYERS OTHER EASTERN EUROPEAN COUNTRIES COUNTRY COMPANIES BULGARIA Megachim, Lakprom, Orgachim (Policolor, Romania), INSA, Karbochim CROATIA Chromos (Helios, Slovakia), Hempel, Svetlost, Karbon ROMANIA Kober, Policolor, Dufa Romania (Meffert, Germany), Azur Sinteza RUSSIA Finncolor (Tikkurila), Kraski Tikkurila (Tikkurila), Akzo Nobel Coatings, Lakokraska, Empils, Russkie Kraski, Cherkessk Paint Plant, Zagorsk Paint Plant, Pigment, Odilak, Kotovsk SERBIA- MONTENEGRO Duda, Zvezda (Helios, Slovenia), Suko, Sorka Boje UKRAINE Dnepropetrovsk Paint Plant Lomonosov, Lakma, Elaks, Gallak, Polimer, Sniezka Ukraina (Sniezka, Poland), Meffert Hansa (Meffert, Germany) Source: author's compilation TABLE 5.
People who applied for any reason to clinics and health centers of Cherkessk and other areas of the Karachaevo-Cherkessia Republic were sent to serological screening in accordance with the following selection criteria: age 40 and older, and the presence of informed consent for clinical research.