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 (chər-nē′həv, -nyē′hēw) or Cher·ni·gov (-gəf)
A city of northern Ukraine northeast of Kiev. First mentioned in 907, it was the capital of the Chernigov principality in the 11th century and later passed to Lithuania, Poland, and Russia.
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The State Road Agency of Ukraine ("Ukravtodor") has signed a contract with the Azerbaijani AzVirt company regarding the repair of the section extending from Kyiv city to Kipty village in Chernigiv region of the M-01 Kyiv - Chernigiv - Novy Yarylovychi road, the press service of Ukravtodor said in the statement.
The analysis has revealed that there are 22 such towns: Berestechko, Volodymyr-Volyn, Lyuboml (Volyn region), Ostrog, Dubno (Rivne region), Bar (Vinnycja region), Novgorod-Siverskyi (Chernigiv region), Kremenets, Terebovlia, Berezhany, Buchach (Ternopil region), Rohatyn, Halych (IvanoFrankivsk region), Brody, Zhovkva, Rava-Ruska, Sokal, Belz, Sambir, Busk, Komarno, Zolochiv (Lviv region).
(2) Chernigiv State Technological University, Ukraine
The new service will open up opportunities for leisure travellers to visit a variety of colourful places in the Ukraine including the Carpathian Mountains and seaside resorts of the Crimea, the steps of Kherson, the forests of Chernigiv and the lakes of Volyn.
The seven-year loan will enable Malteurop to expand its Desna malt house in Chernigiv, in Northern Ukraine, and to construct a second malt house in Kharkiv, in North-East Ukraine.
Affiliation and functions: senior lecturer in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Chernigiv State Technological University since 2013.