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v. t.1.To choose
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For this was on seynt Volantynys day Whan euery bryd comyth there to chese his make.
CHESE, Ramon, Colleccio diplomatica de Sant Pere d'Ager fins 1198, Pages Editors, Lleida, 2011, vol.
1 Occupational names with Latin assimilated borrowings as the derivational bases Candelman 1263, 1332, Candleman 1268 (candel~man 'a maker of candles, a chandler' MED); chesemangere 1186, schesemongere 1288, chesmonger 1319, chesemonger 1437 (chesemonger(e 'one who makes and/or sells cheese' MED, chese [A cese, WS ciese, cyse (ult.
Tenders are invited for Supply Of Chese Spread At Supply Depot Devlali As Per Rfp, Deliver After 3 Days After Placing Of Supply Order
The book "Havelok the Dane," dating from that era, mentions "Bred an chese, butere and milk, pastees and flaunes.
CHESE, Col leccio diplomatica de Sant Pere d'Ager fins 1198, Barcelona, 2011, I, doc.
The findings by Chese (1997) indicate that culture is the greatest barrier for organization to create a successful knowledge based organization.
wisdom to support its own arguments and validate what has endured, while simultaneously mocking its antagonists for their unsophisticated recourse to such adages: portraying reformers as simpleminded for claiming "many a shrewde brayne among vs that can perceyue chalke fro chese well ynough.
Wild Salmon: Two Ways" with Bill McCallum of Billy Macs features Tillamook Cheddar Chese Soup; Fall Chinook Salmon (Indian Baked Style and Blackened Wild); Grandma's Rolls and Warm Apple Tarts.
The variability in approach to each of chese areas impairs the ability to compare results across studies.
8) Tak & write thir wordis in buttre or in chese & gare hir ett it: Sator sarepo tenet opera rotas (O).

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