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Noun1.Chester Nimitz - United States admiral of the Pacific fleet during World War II who used aircraft carriers to destroy the Japanese navy (1885-1966)Chester Nimitz - United States admiral of the Pacific fleet during World War II who used aircraft carriers to destroy the Japanese navy (1885-1966)
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Chester Nimitz for his actions during the attack on Pearl Harbor.
Harrelson will play Admiral Chester Nimitz, the commander of the Pacific Fleet during the war.
Chester Nimitz sent his unforgettable orders, instructing Rear Adm.
His current effort is at its best when unpacking the often-bizarre command relationships between Chester Nimitz's Pacific Ocean Area and MacArthur's South West Pacific Area.
William Halsey and Chester Nimitz engineered such key Pacific naval victories in World War II.
I was blessed and humbled to assume duties as the fifty-sixth President of the College this summer, and it brought to mind Admiral Chester Nimitz's note of 17 December 1941 upon assignment as Commander in Chief, U.S.
Young's book also features a discussion of leadership in the Pacific - Admirals Chester Nimitz, William Halsey Jr.
He mediated the disputes of policy and personality between the Army and the Navy and between MacArthur and Admiral Chester Nimitz that frustrated the American war effort, he made possible DolittleAEs famous raid on Tokoyo, when no other admiral would risk his ships.
In his book, The Admirals, author Walter Borneman tells the story of four great Americans: William Leahy, Ernest King, Chester Nimitz, and William Halsey.
MacArthur's success was due in part to his selection of and his reliance on first-rate subordinate commanders, such as the Airman George Kenney, Admiral Thomas Kinkaid, and infantry General Walter Krueger, as well as his willingness to work with key naval commanders such as Chester Nimitz, William Halsey, and Raymond Spruance despite intense inter-Service rivalries.
With very limited resources and the added handicap of a divided Pacific command (shared with Admiral Chester Nimitz, owing to Admiral Ernest King who detested the general), he took back more areas of enemy occupation and control with less casualties than any other theater commander of WWII.
Chester Nimitz wanted to strike Formosa (now Taiwan) instead, believing there was no harm in skipping the Philippines altogether.

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