Chester White

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Chester White

Any of a breed of white swine with drooping ears, originally bred in Chester County in southeast Pennsylvania.

Ches′ter White′

one of an American breed of white hogs, having drooping ears.
[1855–60, Amer.; after Chester county, Pennsylvania]
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Berkshire, Chester White and Landrace are breeds of which animal?
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Chester White hills Pub needed extra time before recording a 7-4 home success against Washington
Breeding Swine: Berkshire, Chester White, & Hampshire in order 5 p.
Data in Table 1 revealed that among the breeds used in the study Chester White displayed the most desirable feed efficiency.
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Also during the 1999-2000 "20/20" season, Chung won the National Association of Black Journalists' "Salute to Excellence Award" for "Justice Delayed," her investigation that uncovered new information in the 1966 murder of a black Mississippi man named Ben Chester White.

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