Chester White

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Chester White

Any of a breed of white swine with drooping ears, originally bred in Chester County in southeast Pennsylvania.

Ches′ter White′

one of an American breed of white hogs, having drooping ears.
[1855–60, Amer.; after Chester county, Pennsylvania]
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Chester White is a division president for Priority One Bank and for the past six years, has been Chief Lending Officer where he is responsible for loan production, loan operations, special assets, portfolio management and all aspects of the lending function.
Five milliliters (5 mL) of blood were collected from 538 randomly chosen swine (207 Large White, 121 Landrace, 81 Chester White, 28 Duroc, and 98 Pietrain) from selected commercial breeders all over the Philippines.
29%), then followed by the Chester White, Large White, then Landrace (Tables 2 and 3).
Berkshire, Chester White and Landrace are breeds of which animal?
What type of animals are the Berkshire, the Chester White and the Large Black?
Named for Chester County in southeast Pennsylvania, the Chester White was developed there during the early years of the 19th century.
The Chester White has traditionally been considered a dual-purpose breed that has less lard than the typical lard breeds and is not as long and lean as the typical bacon breeds.
Chester White hills Pub needed extra time before recording a 7-4 home success against Washington
Chester White The Chester White breed was developed in the mid-nineteenth century in Pennsylvania by crossing Yorkshire, Lincolnshire, and Cheshire hogs.
Hereford (her-f rd) The Hereford breed was developed in Iowa, Missouri, and Nebraska from Poland China, Duroc, Chester White, and Hampshire hogs.
Data in Table 1 revealed that among the breeds used in the study Chester White displayed the most desirable feed efficiency.
Which farm animal has varieties called Berkshire, Chester white and large black?

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