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n.1.A measure of grain equal to 0.7218 of an imperial quarter, or 5.95 Winchester bushels.
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49) In other cases, the husband promised a yearly maintenance to his ex-wife: "to feed her, Ekaterina, he, Pontelei, will give her grain of all kinds until his death: two chetverts [about 210 liters] of rye; a half-chetvert of wheat, hemp, and buckwheat each; and a quarter-chetvert of peas.
Her later publications include Tropinka vo rzhi (1980; "A Path in the Rye"), a collection of essays; and Chetvert veka (1981; "A Quarter of a Century"), a book of poetry.
Shebaldina, Shvedskie voennoplennye v Sibiri: Pervaia chetvert 'XVIII veka (Moscow: Rossiiskii gosudarstvennyi gumanitarnyi universitet, 2005); A.