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A Bantu language spoken in Malawi and neighboring areas.


npl -was or -wa
1. (Peoples) a member of a Negroid people of Malawi, E Zambia, and N Zimbabwe, related to the Bemba
2. (Languages) the language of this people. See Chichewa


(ˈtʃeɪ wɑ)

n., pl. -was, (esp. collectively) -wa.
1. Also, Cewa. a member of an African people, a branch of the Maravi, living mainly in S Malawi and adjacent parts of Zambia and Mozambique.
2. Also, Chichewa , Cicewa. the Bantu language of the Chewa: an official language of Malawi.
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Noun1.Chewa - a member of the Bantu-speaking people of Malawi and eastern Zambia and northern Zimbabwe
Malawi, Nyasaland, Republic of Malawi - a landlocked republic in southern central Africa; achieved independence from the United Kingdom in 1964
Northern Rhodesia, Republic of Zambia, Zambia - a republic in central Africa; formerly controlled by Great Britain and called Northern Rhodesia until it gained independence within the commonwealth in 1964
Republic of Zimbabwe, Rhodesia, Southern Rhodesia, Zimbabwe - a landlocked republic in south central Africa formerly called Rhodesia; achieved independence from the United Kingdom in 1980
African - a native or inhabitant of Africa
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Meanwhile, a youth was injured in clashes between protesters and Indian forces at Chewa Kalan hamlet in Pulwama district.
It was March, nine months after I had arrived to stay in David and Martha's house in Chimtengo Kubwalo, a Chewa village about 50 kilometres from Malawi's capital Lilongwe.
Here they came into conflict with the Chewa people and when the BSAC came onto the scene the Chewa chiefs saw their presence as a way of protecting themselves against Mpezeni's aggression.
Tenders are invited for Upgradation of inner links at Chewa by way of 50mm thick bituminous macadam, 25mm thick Semidence and 6mm thick seal coat .
The most prevalent ethnic group was Chewa, constituting 83% of the cohort (Table 1); 90% of this young cohort were single.
Lyrics bounce between English, French, and African dialects Chewa and Pulaar throughout the album.
In Malawi's Chewa vernacular, for instance, "Umunthu," a variance of "Umuntu" or "Ubuntu" in the most quoted Bathu language code, refers to the act of being human or the characteristic conditions of living as a true, genuine, moral human being.
Pero con el tiempo, la gente ujto e' chewa, e'ta nee icha taie olvido la palabra de Sibo y empezo ie'pa e' kaka iyi sulusi wambalok, a hacer cosas malas, hasta llegar do icha "kulubalokka" ani ta ena i a "cometer incesto" kaleapa ta.
This has certainly helped them to absorb a third culture, and to welcome a Chewa sister, Aliko (born 2011), who joined our family from an orphanage in 2012.
The plastic bags carrying the drugs were labelled Strain, Green hornet and Cheeba Chewa.
Akashkwa u'pawama wahni wahni ishki, akasnei brun kiwa maski te'shki, ika peshwa korta arwa peh atahna achihi chewa yar ataperwas.
People in the area are mostly from the Ngoni ethnic group, with a small minority from the Chewa group.