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A craving to eat ice, often associated with anemia resulting from iron deficiency.

[Greek pagos, stiff mass, frost (from pēnunai, pag-, to stick, stiffen; see pag- in Indo-European roots) + -phagia.]
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It's so quiet I can hear the bettors shuffle their betting slips and someone chewing ice. When one bettor clears his throat, it echoes throughout.
She tried drinking pickle juice to lessen that taste of Adriamycin, chewing ice for mouth sores, lotion on her blankets to not smell hand sanitizer, and color therapy to check out mentally.
I grabbed my takeaway and ran out of the front door chewing ice, realised my car was parked at the rear and ran back in again, to more laughter, and finally escaped.
Chewing ice. Avoid chewing on ice no matter how thirsty or overheated you are--this practice can cause cracked and chipped teeth; damage to tooth enamel; problems with existing dental work, such as fillings and crowns; and sore jaw muscles.
On the night he silenced the drinkers chewing ice in my ear, a voice in my ear said: What the hell is that man doing here?