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Qi Gong

also Qi·gong (chē′gông′, -gŏng′)
A Chinese system of prescribed physical exercises or movements performed in a meditative state.

[Mandarin qìgōng : , air, spirit, energy of life; see chi in Indo-European roots + gōng, skill (from Middle Chinese kəwŋ).]


(ˈtʃiːˈɡɒŋ) or

chi kung

(Alternative Belief Systems) a system of breathing and exercise designed to benefit both physical and mental health
[C20: from Chinese qi energy + gong exercise]
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Self-development is guided by Khalid Khan an expert in Chi Gong and meditation session for conflict management and peace building strategies.
Importantly, make sure to take some time out of each day to exercise; a combination of yoga, pilates, cardio and some chi gong would be ideal.
Taichi and Chi Gong workshop on 'The Cosmic Dance of Energy' with Shifu Muhammad and Munawwar Shamroz at the Faraar gallery, T2F, at 5pm.
Horst Hildebrandt (a physician and violinist specialized in Dispokinesis), the two physical therapists Johanna Gutzwiller and Irene Spirgi-Gantert (specialized on the work with musicians), and Marina Sommacal, a specialist in Spiraldynamik; while elective course offers included Alexander Technique, Feldenkrais, Yoga, Tai Chi, Chi Gong, among others.
The cast performs incredible superhuman feats that take audiences on an intrepid journey through the mystical history of this ancient martial art and demonstrate the beautiful movements of Chi Gong and Tai Chi with spectacular weapons and combat demonstrations.
If you have heard of therapies like acupressure, reiki, pranic healing, Shiatsu, and Tai Chi, here comes yet another to Oman -- Chi Gong.
He advised to continue her running routine; no suggestion of slowing down to practice a more nurturing activity such as yoga, tai chi, or chi gong, instead of running in a very toxic urban environment, sucking up even more than her share of chemtrails and petrochemicals that of course worsened her condition.
There are numerous ways to restore Chi, including exercises like Chi Gong, dietary changes, meditation, drinking water throughout the day, and acupuncture.
Located at 607 North Sherman Ave, Iron Pagoda offers smaller, specialized classes in close quarters Chinese boxing (Southern Praying Mantis kung fu), Chen Tai Chi and Chi Gong (focused breathing), Women's Fit2Fight (Fitness focused Self-Defense), Women's Self Defense, Young Warriors Kung Fu and Get Fit in 30!
Obsidians: Chi Gong & Meditation Hike, 6.7 miles, 1,400 feet of elevation gain, leader Becky Lipton.