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 (kē-än′tē, -ăn′-)
A dry red table wine made from a blend of different varieties of grapes, originally produced in northwest Italy.

[After the Chianti Mountains, a range of the Apennines in central Italy.]


(Italian ˈkjanti)
pl n
(Placename) a mountain range in central Italy, in Tuscany, rising over 870 m (2900 ft): part of the Apennines


(Brewing) (sometimes capital) a dry red wine produced in the Chianti region of Italy


(kiˈɑn ti, -ˈæn-)

a dry red table wine of Italy.
[1825–35; after the Chianti region of Tuscany, source of the wine]
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Noun1.Chianti - dry red Italian table wine from the Chianti region of TuscanyChianti - dry red Italian table wine from the Chianti region of Tuscany
red wine - wine having a red color derived from skins of dark-colored grapes
References in classic literature ?
From force of habit, though the small studio with the stove lit was very hot, he kept on his great-coat, with the collar turned up, and his bowler hat: he looked with satisfaction on the four large fiaschi of Chianti which stood in front of him in a row, two on each side of a bottle of whiskey; he said it reminded him of a slim fair Circassian guarded by four corpulent eunuchs.
Their offering ranges from run-of-the-mill chiantis through to high-end Tuscan wines and the non-vintage memoro blend of various red and white grapes from across Italy.
The Sasso al Poggio is a 'Super Tuscan' - a term invented in the 1970s for a new breed of wines that fell outside the strict rules for Tuscan wine classifications such as chianti.
So this week I'm going to have a blast at a few Chiantis (with or without international varieties) and round off my Saturday night rather than the wine.
And another thing I like about the Italians is their loyalty to indigenous grapes like the famous sangiovese used not only in Chianti, but rosso di montepulciano and the rather expensive vino nobile di montelcino.
We improved our Chiantis and our Grigios because Argentines have a strong Italian palate and a strong Italian wine preference.
The best place to do some sampling is between Florence and Siena, in the Chianti Classico region the area with the highest standards for Chianti production (only a fifth of all Chiantis are Chianti Classico).
DIRECTWine Shipments has a big selection of chiantis and Masi is a huge producer in Italy.
Overall, the Chiantis tasted were quite rustic, full of character, and certainly require food in order to be fully appreciated.
The Simply Chianti 2011 is a mouth-watering easy-drinking mix of sangiovese, canaiolo and colorino grapes.
And why, despite its DOCG designation, is there still so much poor quality Chianti Classico around?
Now he's in the forefront of building the reputation of Chianti wines again.