Clare of Assisi

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Clare of As·si·si

 (klâr; ə-sē′zē, -sē, ə-sĭs′ē), Saint 1194-1253.
Italian nun and religious leader who founded with Saint Francis of Assisi the first Franciscan order of nuns, the Order of Poor Ladies, also known as "the Poor Clares." She was canonized in 1255.

Clare of Assisi

(Biography) Saint. 1194–1253, Italian nun; founder of the Franciscan Order of Poor Clares. Feast day: Aug 11


(or Clar′a) of Assi′si

(ˈklær ə)
Saint, 1194–1253, Italian nun: founder of the Franciscan order of nuns.
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Francis of Assisi (1181-1226) preach about following the example of Jesus Christ, Chiara Offreduccio (1194-1253) left her family at age 18, declaring that she would wed God.
She sets herself the task of investigating every skerrick of factual information, every hue of received interpretation, to scrutinize afresh the process whereby the pious aspirations of young Chiara Offreduccio to follow the charismatic preacher, Francis of Assisi, led to her being styled his female correlate, a founder of a religious order and author of one of its rules.
Francis also founded the Order of the Poor Clares with his lifelong follower and friend, Chiara Offreduccio, also known as St.