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n.1.(Bot.) A Small leguminous plant (Cicer arietinum) of Asia, Africa, and the south of Europe; the chich; the dwarf pea; the gram.
2.Its nutritious seed, used in cookery, and especially, when roasted (parched pulse), as food for travelers in the Eastern deserts.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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"In truth and earnest, senor guest," said the landlord, "all I have is a couple of cow-heels like calves' feet, or a couple of calves' feet like cowheels; they are boiled with chick-peas, onions, and bacon, and at this moment they are crying 'Come eat me, come eat me."
Osama Taseer said everybody saw some price spiral of some of the essential items like chick-pea, sugar, rice, milk, edible oil, dates and grass-pea in the previous years.
Among the topics pertaining to rice and other whole grains: rice bran and global public health, diabetes prevention, toxicity and toxic contaminants, development of functional foods from rice by-products, and chick-pea fortification of cereal-based foods.
ECC also considered and approved the Ramazan Relief Package 2014 of up to Rs.2 billion to be provided on essential commodities being sold at USC, according to which subsidy is to be provided on Atta at Rs.6/kg, ghee/oil Rs.10/kg, daals channa, Moong Mash, Msoor Rs.10/kg each, while Gram Rs.10, chick-pea powder (Chakki) Rs.10/kg, dates Rs.10/kg, Rice Sella Rs.10/kg, broken Rice Rs.10/kg, Squashes & Syrups Rs.10/kg, Black Tea Rs.50/kg, Milk (Tetra Pack) Rs.10/litre and spices 10%.
The chick-pea eatery will launch the restaurants over the next five years in cities includingNew York, New Jersey, Kentucky, San Francisco andToronto in Canada.
These are said to include kippers and scrambled egg, ham and lentil soup and stottie cakes (a heavy doughy bread) with pease pudding (a chick-pea type of filling.)