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or qor·ma  (kôr′mə)
A dish of South Asian origin in which meat or vegetables are braised or simmered in a rich, highly seasoned sauce thickened with ground nuts, yogurt or cream, and sometimes coconut.

[Hindi and Urdu qormā, of Turkic origin; akin to Turkish kavurma, braised meat, from kavurmak, to roast, sear, from Old Turkic kağur-.]


(ˈkɔːmə) or


(Cookery) any of a variety of Indian dishes consisting of meat or vegetables braised with water, stock, yogurt, or cream
[from Urdu]
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EVERY LITTLE COUNTS: `Be Good' chicken korma; IT TAKES TWO: Lorraine and Gary decided to team up to beat their weight problems
His idea of excitement was a chicken korma on a Friday night and the thrill of our yearly camping trip - two hours down the road.
SINNER: Sainsbury's Chicken Korma, 498 calories a serving.
1 EAT a tomato-based curry, such as rogan josh with boiled rice, instead of chicken korma or passanda with naan.
(I mean, they do a great chicken korma, but that's about as far as it goes).
But a quarter are unsure what's in a takeaway or how healthy they are - a pizza can be 2,300 calories or a chicken korma 1,200.
Dishes they cooked up included vegetable frittatas, chicken korma, baked bean lasagne, lentil soup with soda bread, spaghetti bolognese with salad, Singapore noodles, and tiffin.
Then, back in her kitchen, she whips up a quick feast inspired by her visit to the world's busiest international hub, with mouthwatering dishes including a rich chicken korma, an apple sandwich cake and roast scallops.
Popular dishes like chicken korma, chicken and butternut squash stew and BBQ pulled chicken which my family all love.
Asmara Indian Cuisine of Freehold Street, Blyth, was slapped with a hefty fine after nut traces were found in a chicken korma, despite the customer warning she had an allergy.
I couldn't decide what to get between a curry and a main dish, so I went ahead and had the lemon and herb chicken one friend had the chicken korma curry, and the other had chicken wings with an extra side of masala chips.