avian influenza

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a·vi·an in·flu·en·za

n. influenza aviaria, que puede ser fatal, altamente contagiosa, trasmitida por aves contagiadas por uno de los virus tipo A.
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The last worldwide flu alarm was sounded in May 1997 when Hong Kong chicken flu (H5N1) jumped to humans, infecting 18 and killing six.
Chickens as Social Mediators and Currency in Borneo Corn People on a Poultry Line Images of the Medieval Pheasant: The Chicken and Other Fowl in Medieval Cuisine and Ceremony KFC, Chicken Flu, Free-Range Chickens, and Other Poultry Politics in Post-Socialist China Making the Chicken of Tomorrow The Chicken and Globalization The Chicken Business: Southern Women and Poultry Production The Chicken in America: The Past ...
Bold headlines all over the world scream out urgent new health emergencies, from necrotizing fasciitis (Killer Bug Ate My Face) to avian influenza (Chicken Flu).
The fifteen Chief Veterinary Officers on the EU's Standing Veterinary Committee (SVC) unanimously voted on February 9 to adopt Community measures (a safeguard clause) for the control of Avian Influenza, or chicken flu, outbreaks of which have been reported since December 1999 in the poultry-rearing regions of Northern Italy.
This winter's Hong Kong chicken flu was attributed to densely packed poultry creating a breeding ground for a mutant flu.
Maybe this chicken flu will cross that road, and never be heard from again.
Chicken flu outbreaks in Mexico and Pennsylvania in recent decades also killed millions of the birds, but no people.
Three weeks ago Government over-reactions to chicken flu would have been seen as a glorious windfall for Roche, maker of Tamiflu.
Earlier this year a deadly strain of influenza called chicken flu emerged in Hong Kong but health experts stopped it from spreading.