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A city of northern California north of Sacramento. It is a center of almond production and the site of California State University, Chico (established 1887).


n, pl -cos
(Plants) another name for greasewood1
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Noun1.Chico - United States comedian; one of four brothers who made motion pictures together (1891-1961)
Marx Brothers - a family of United States comedians consisting of four brothers with an anarchic sense of humor
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Le faux Chico Jose-Louis Castillo a ete condamne par le Tribunal de premiere Instance et la Cour Appel de Paris, a verser des reparations de pres de 100.
Chico started and pitched effectively but was not involved in the decision in Thursday's 3-2 Opening Day victory over Lake Elsinore.
It's a dream come true for the lively and loveable Chico who lived in Morocco until he was13 working as a goat herder.
Chico, 34, is also expected to release a single after winning a huge following with his charismatic performances on the show, and is being lined up for a series of festive events.
But Chico, 34, was finally sent home by public vote last night ahead of binman Andy Abraham.
Cheeky Chico, 34, tried to get a grip on me in an ITV lift moments after declaring: "I have found God.
Long-term pal Trevor Davy says: "The way Chico is presented, anyone would think he has nothing but cheek and cheese to offer.
Chico Mall is an enclosed shopping mall located in Chico, CA.
This semester, the client list is diverse: Walt & Company, Chico Natural Foods, Golden State Capital Network, Bill Main & Associates, Tehama Local Development Corp.
But The People can reveal that stripping off is nothing unusual for Chico - he has also hidden his past as a nude MALE LAPDANCER from bosses of the ITV1 Saturday night talent show.
Smith said he understood the Diamondbacks' decision to give Chico his spot in the rotation.
Research on Localization Practices was conducted by the Localization Program at California State University at Chico.