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(ˈtʃɪk əˌpi)

a city in S Massachusetts, on the Connecticut River. 57,650.
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Chicopee, a manufacturer of specialty cleaning wipes, has developed a new dispensing system, which allows users to create tailor-made, single-use wet wipes.
Venues for the State Fall Games are North Hall Park (bocce and softball), Laurel Park (softball and cycling) and Chicopee Woods Golf Course.
Intersections include Route 33 at Fuller Road, Shop Rite Shopping Center, Mass Turnpike, Chicopee Marketplace North Drive, Westover RoadRd/Granby Rd, Pendleton Avenue, IreneSt/Jamrog Dr, Streiber Drive, Fairview Shopping Ctr, James Street and Britton Street.
Chicopee, a supplier of specialty cleaning wipes and materials for the professional market, has been donating cloths and wipes to FoodCycle, a charity running community projects to reduce food poverty and social isolation across the U.
received $25,000, while $10,000 went to the Chicopee Comprehensive High School culinary scholarship fund.
Shrewdd Marketing is working with Chicopee, one of the world's leading brands of speciality cleaning wipes.
champion Chicopee Comprehensive 4-2 to take home all the Division 3A marbles.
com)-- Salter College - a nationally accredited, career-focused, two-year college - is proud to announce a new certificate program that is available at its Chicopee campus: Multi-Skill Health Technician.
In one of two double-overtime games in Super Bowl history, Leominster linebacker Dave Malatos returned a blocked field goal attempt a record 86 yards to give the Blue Devils a 13-7 win over Chicopee in the Central-Western Mass.
There was a very big impact on walk-in business that came from over the bridge in Chicopee, and also our deliveries go out that way had to do a major detour," Lonnie Tebaldi of Napa Auto Parts said.
This $60M USD contract will be carried out at Magellan Aerospace's Chicopee Manufacturing division in Kitchener, Ontario over the period of 2009 to 2015.
On April 15 it will discontinue service from Columbus to Chattanooga and halve twice-daily service to New York Stewart and Chicopee, Mass.