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(ʃɪˈku tə mi)

a city in S Quebec, in E Canada. 61,083.
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The Anglian Prince was towing the Chicoutimi at a speed of about three knots, a MoD spokeswoman said ( the start of a "long process".
Commander Webb said HMCS Chicoutimi had suffered a 'major' fire - resulting in the death of one crew member - but had recently regained some hydraulic and electrical systems and was buoyant on the surface.
An Irish naval vessel has already been forced to abandon its mission to reach the HMCS Chicoutimi, which has nine injured crew on board and is without power.
Bishop Andr6 Rivet, 62, has been named as Bishop of the diocese of Chicoutimi (275,000 faithful, 240 priests, 700 religious and 35 deacons).
Each of the major warehouses has assembling facilities, and the company has established distributors across Canada, including a sales offices in Northern Ontario in Greater Sudbury; Chicoutimi, Quebec; Edmonton, Alberta; and Kelowna, BC.
Le Quotidien, Unimedia's 29,512-circulation daily in Chicoutimi, Quebec, is the sole user of the CenoText editorial system, which offers production status management and automates version control and proofing.
Two weeks after the pastoral was issued, some 250 people gathered in Chicoutimi, Quebec, on May 1 to mark May Day.
Our government's Investment Is enhancing services from coast to coast--in the communities of Halifax, Pembroke, Brockville, Chicoutimi, Kelowna, St.
The results appear in the paper, "Effects of Alloying Elements and Cutting Tool Materials on the Machinability of Al-Si Cast Alloys," by Guillermo Garza-Elizondo, Ehab Samuel, Agnes Samuel and Fawzy-Hosny Samuel, Universite du Quebec a Chicoutimi, Chicoutimi, Quebec, Canada; Adel M.A.
Among the appointments to the several parliamentary offices, it should be noted that Stephane Bedard, Member for Chicoutimi, will carry out the duties of Government House Leader and Yves-Francois Blanchet, Member for Johnson, those of Chief Government Whip.