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(ʃɪˈku tə mi)

a city in S Quebec, in E Canada. 61,083.
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Linde Canada acquired Distribution Equiprotek, an independent safety equipment distributor headquartered in Chicoutimi, Quebec.
Mohamed Ibrahim, Agnes Samuel and Fawzy Samuel, Universite du Quebec a Chicoutitni, Chicoutimi, Quebec, Canada; Hany Ammar, Mahmoud Sofia= and Abdulhakitn Almajid, King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
The family were not well known in the neighbourhood, having only recently moved into the rented property in Chicoutimi, Quebec, Canada.
This is actually my first opera ever in the States," noted this native of Chicoutimi, Quebec, but her second and her third were coming quick on its hcels.
Villeneuve, from Chicoutimi, Quebec, plans to visit seven other curling clubs in New England this trip, including clubs in Norfolk, Wayland, and Bridgeport, Conn.
Marie Tremblay, Chicoutimi, Quebec : Editions Entraide.
The Alliance would have an incentive to try to win votes in Chicoutimi, Quebec.
He will graduate alongside Sebastian Berube of Chicoutimi, Quebec, a four-year veteran of 1 General Services Battalion.
Bishop Jean-Guy Couture of Chicoutimi, Quebec, was cited as "a moving force behind several projects to promote solidarity.
The results appear in the paper, "Effects of Alloying Elements and Cutting Tool Materials on the Machinability of Al-Si Cast Alloys," by Guillermo Garza-Elizondo, Ehab Samuel, Agnes Samuel and Fawzy-Hosny Samuel, Universite du Quebec a Chicoutimi, Chicoutimi, Quebec, Canada; Adel M.