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n.1.A female scold.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Getting out, staying out, succeeding is important for the incarcerated, their communities and the people closest and dearest to them, says LaShaun Chidester, 47, slated to leave prison in October 2019, her new degree from Shorter in hand.
(22) David Chidester's Salvation and Suicide similarly argues that those members of Peoples Temple who willingly followed the suicidal imperative of leader Jim Jones did so meaningfully, calling their actions "expressions of self-conscious and intentional religious possibility." (23) While the American media portrayed the people of Jonestown as "not American, not religious, and ultimately not sane," Chidester maintains that their "revolutionary suicide" was intended to redeem fully human identity from dehumanizing pull of an evil, capitalist/racist/fascist world through single, superhuman act of self-sacrifice.
The term "religion" is a modern, contentious term that is intertwined with power and colonization (Asad, 1993; Chidester, 2003; Jackson, 1997).
Chidester, David (2006), "Atlantic Community, Atlantic World: Anti-Americanism between Europe and Africa", in The Journal of American History, no.
Acknowledgements: The authors acknowledge Manuel Arango, Norm Campbell, Kate Chidester, Mary Collins, Andre Corriveau, Lucie Granger, David Hammond, Mary L'Abbe, Janice Macdonald, Soultana Macridis, Rachel Prowse, Kelly Stott, Jim Talbot, Mark Tremblay and Pat Vanderkooy for participating in the consensus conference process.
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One of the first items produced was a pasta product created by local pasta expert Debbie Chidester. It was a hit.
Amy Chidester, MS, LNHA, is director of The Birdsong Initiative and special projects for Westminster-Canterbury on Chesapeake Bay, a non-profit life plan community in Virginia Beach, Va.
TOWNSEND, MA -- Longtime EDA marketing executive Steve Chidester passed away on Jan.