Chief Executive

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chief executive

1. Chief Executive The President of the United States.
2. A principal executive official, such as the leader of a nation's government or the governor of a state.
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chief executive

(Professions) the person with overall responsibility for the efficient running of a company, organization, etc
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Chief′ Exec′utive

1. the president of the United States.
2. (l.c.) the governor of a U.S. state.
3. (l.c.) the head of a government.
[1825–35, Amer.]
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Noun1.Chief Executive - the person who holds the office of head of state of the United States governmentChief Executive - the person who holds the office of head of state of the United States government; "the President likes to jog every morning"
executive branch, Executive Office of the President - the branch of the United States government that is responsible for carrying out the laws
chief of state, head of state - the chief public representative of a country who may also be the head of government
2.Chief Executive - the office of the United States head of state; "a President is elected every four years"
presidentship, presidency - the office and function of president; "Andrew Jackson expanded the power of the presidency beyond what was customary before his time"
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chief executive

chief executive officer (Am) ndirettore m generale
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But, instead of a sweeping victory with chief executive officers and majorities in all legislative bodies, we found ourselves in the minority.
I impressed upon him the fact that a visit from the Chief Executive of the Nation would not only encourage our students and teachers, but would help the entire race.
At the time of the acquisition, Bernd Beetz, Coty's chief executive officer, explained that the acquisition is a natural extension of Coty's strategy to offer a unique portfolio of brands that produce some of the strongest consumer franchises around the world.
Other members of the Committee include: Bill Edwards, Saskatoon, small business Owner and Operator, and Founding President, Canadian Association of Family Enterprises; Michelle Olson, Edmonton, President, Home By Choice Association of Alberta, a support group for morns who stay at home to look after their families; Georgina Steinsky-Schwartz, Toronto, President and Chief Executive Officer of Imagine Canada, a national advocacy and public policy voice for the voluntary sector; Floyd Sully, Vancouver, Chair and Chief Executive Officer of Syscon Justice Systems Ltd., a company that provides management systems for justice services; Mr.
Sandra Erickson, 2006 President; Tom Stevens, NAR President; Greg Connors; NYSAR President; Sandra Silverman, Banquet Chairperson, Celebrity Bronxite Dominic Chianese "Uncle Junior" of the Sopranos; and Nunzio Del Greco, RCE, Chief Executive Officer.
In April 2003, the Hitachi Group established the regional chief executive system with senior representative responsibilities for the group.
DOMINIQUE CARREL-BILLIARD has been named chief executive of Axa Investment Managers, also effective on June 30.
Cafaro: Chairperson, President and Chief Executive Officer, Ventas Inc., Louisville, Ky.
chairman and chief executive officer Dave Bernauer was named the board's new vice chairman, and Longs Drug Stores president and chief executive officer Warren Bryant was appointed its new treasurer.
When Radcliffe became chief executive in 1997 and launched this initiative, most of the questions were about local issues and tended to focus on the individual, such as "Why is my manager never talking to me?" "Why am I never given a chance to talk about my career?" or "Why are you being unfair to that person?" Today, the comfort level has improved so that people's concerns are now more about the company and its acquisition plans and growth prospects.
Hancock, chief executive officer, North American Savings Bank, Grandview, Missouri

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