chief executive officer

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chief executive officer

n. Abbr. CEO
The highest-ranking executive in a company or organization.
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Noun1.chief executive officer - the corporate executive responsible for the operations of the firmchief executive officer - the corporate executive responsible for the operations of the firm; reports to a board of directors; may appoint other managers (including a president)
business executive, corporate executive - an executive in a business corporation
رئيس الشَّرِكَه
výkonný ředitel
administrerende direktør
výkonný riaditeľ
baş yönetici


(tʃiːf) adjective
greatest in importance etc. the chief cause of disease.
the head of a clan or tribe, or a department, business etc.
ˈchiefly adverb
mainly. She became ill chiefly because she did not eat enough.
ˌchief eˈxecutive ˌofficer noun
(also CEO) the president of a large company.
ˈchieftain (-tən) noun
the head of a clan, tribe etc.
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But, instead of a sweeping victory with chief executive officers and majorities in all legislative bodies, we found ourselves in the minority.
I impressed upon him the fact that a visit from the Chief Executive of the Nation would not only encourage our students and teachers, but would help the entire race.
After learning the hard way that executive information system technology is not a corporate panacea, chief executives are implementing enterprise intelligence systems to revitalize business from the top down.
The need for top management to better understand their increasingly complex businesses with the attendant problem of runaway data proliferation occurred at the same time that end user computing finally evolved enough to broadly reach chief executives and senior managers.
Nader digs deeper and asks a broader set of questions, to my knowledge, than has ever been asked of chief executives.

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