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Noun1.William Rehnquist - United States jurist who served as an associate justice on the United States Supreme Court from 1972 until 1986, when he was appointed chief justice (born in 1924)
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First, I identify what is useful in The Partisan-, information, some new, some helpful elaborations of what was already known, which helps us better understand Chief Justice Rehnquist, the private man and the public jurist.
10) The New Federalism established the proposition that there were limits that were compelled by what Chief Justice Rehnquist referred to as "first principles" of constitutional government.
He clerked for Chief Justice Rehnquist, worked in the Reagan White House, and served as the principal deputy solicitor general in President George H.
Maybe the supreme gift of Yiddish to the English language is the word 'mensch,'" syndicated columnist Richard Cohen wrote during the 1986 confirmation hearings for Supreme Court Chief Justice Rehnquist, a Lutheran.
After that debacle, we in the press corps politely asked Chief Justice Rehnquist if, in the future, he could spread the rulings out over several days.
There is no question John Roberts has enormous respect for the work of Chief Justice Rehnquist," he says, but it is not clear that either Roberts or Alito shares their predecessors' deep commitment to the states.
Chief Justice Rehnquist had quoted Whittier's poem at length in his passionate dissent in Texas v.
The 2006 Stanford Law Review Symposium, "Looking Backward, Looking Forward: The Legacy of Chief Justice Rehnquist and Justice O'Connor," explores the ways in which two of the Law Review's most distinguished alumni left their mark on the Supreme Court and considers how the Court might continue to evolve in the coming years.
It was fitting, Bush said in September after announcing Roberts's nomination, that Chief Justice Rehnquist "be followed in office by a person who shared his deep reverence for the Constitution, his profound respect for the Supreme Court, and his complete devotion to the cause of justice.
Like the late- Chief Justice Rehnquist, she has practical experience outside the bench.
Chief Justice Rehnquist wrote a dissenting opinion.

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