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Noun1.Chief Secretary - a member of the British Cabinet
British Cabinet - the senior ministers of the British government
cabinet minister - a person who is a member of the cabinet
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He still remained Chief Secretary, and others worked under him, among them Andrew Marvell, the poet.
He leaned forward towards his counsel, Maitre Henri Robert, who, assisted by his chief secretary, Maitre Andre Hesse, was busily turning over the folios of his brief.
That Providence, however, had put it into the heart of a person who was beyond fear and beyond reproach, to ferret out the nature of the prisoner's schemes, and, struck with horror, to disclose them to his Majesty's Chief Secretary of State and most honourable Privy Council.
Lord of the Admiralty, 1872; Chief Secretary of State for ' Well, well, this man is certainly one of the greatest subjects of the Crown!"
'Vell,' said Sam at length, 'if this don't beat cock-fightin' nothin' never vill, as the lord mayor said, ven the chief secretary o' state proposed his missis's health arter dinner.
The chief secretary said that the task of holding free, fair and peaceful elections had been accomplished due to the hard work and commitment of civil officers, police, rangers and army personnel.
In order to ensure free, fair and transparent elections in the country, the Federal Cabinet, in consultation with the Election Commission of Pakistan and the respective provincial governments has appointed Akbar Hussain Durrani on the slot of Chief Secretary Punjab, while Azam Suleman Khan would work as Chief Secretary Sindh.
The court should be informed who advised a softer punishment for Shah, the bench said, ordering the chief secretary to produce all record pertaining to Shah's punishment.
Talking in a meeting wherein officials of the water and power department briefed the chief secretary about all development schemes underway in Gilgit Baltistan, saying these schemes would be timely completed.
Summary: New Delhi [India], Feb 21 (ANI): Delhi Police arrested Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) MLA Prakash Jarwal late night on Tuesday in connection with an alleged altercation between him and Delhi Chief Secretary Anshu Prakash.
PESHAWAR -- A farewell party was arranged in the honor of the outgoing Chief Secretary, Amjad Ali Khan at Civil Officers Mess in Peshawar on Wednesday.
The Chief Secretary Azad Jammu and Kashmir, Mathar Niaz Rana, chaired the meeting held at state's metropolis, a press release issued here on Thursday said.

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