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n.1.(Zool.) A species of European warbler (Sylvia hippolais); - called also chip-chap, and pettychaps.
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In the misty, tangled sky Fast a wind is blowing In a newborn rabbit's heart River life is flowing So begins another spring Green leaves and of berries Chiff-chaff eggs are painted by Mother bird eating cherries From the dark and whetted soil Petals are unfolding From the stony village kirk Easter bells of old ring So begins another spring Green leaves and of berries Chiff-chaff eggs are painted by Mother bird eating cherries.
Though less in the manner of a chiff-chaff or swallow, and more in the fashion of a French alpine skivvy, selling her soul - sorry, services - for what I think they used to call a stipend, plus a lift pass and her body weight in lemon drizzle cake.
And no re-reporting of the chilling chiff-chaff that is tweeted with abandon by sensation-seeking sickos.
As a result of the Employment Allowance Chiff-Chaff Cafe which opened in September this year in Bedford and employs two people will see its employer NICs bill completely wiped out.
Birds are realising there are more insects around and we are seeing summer migrants, like the chiff-chaff, coming back, and mallards and great-crested grebes are looking around for suitable nest sites.
At Morfa Madryn a chiff-chaff was in full song last weekend - before the end of February.
But walking I saw every small thing one by one; not only the handsome gateway chestnut just fully dressed, and the pale green larch plantation where another chiff-chaff was singing, and the tall elm tipped by a linnet pausing and musing a few notes, but every primrose and celandine and dandelion on the banks, every silvered green leaf of honeysuckle up in the hedge, every patch of brightest moss, every luminous drop on a thorn tip.
I heard my first chiff-chaff warbler last week, fresh back from its winter sojourn in East Africa.
A dazzling firecrest was trapped and ringed at Woolston Nature Reserve, Cheshire, with another still at Conwy RSPB reserve which also attracted two Siberian chiff-chaff.
Anyone seeing or hearing one or more of Britain's most well-known migrant bird species - including the swift, chiff-chaff and turtle dove - should send the date and location and a four figure Ordnance Survey map grid reference if possible to: Flightpath 2000, RSPB, The Lodge, Sandy, Bedfordshire SG19 2DL.