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During the day, visitors can rock climb, camp, or watch a variety of Chihuahuan Desert wildlife.
Located mostly in Mexico, the Chihuahuan Desert intrudes quite a bit into New Mexico, and somewhat into Arizona and Texas as well.
Restoring bighorns to the wild at El Carmen will help us preserve an important emblem of the Chihuahuan Desert.
and Canadian biomes (major life zones of interrelated plants and animals determined by climate), the Chihuahuan Desert had the greatest diversity of birds, mammals, reptiles, and butterflies, and placed eleventh in vascular plant diversity.
Breeding bird communities and nest plant selection in Chihuahuan Desert habitats in south-central New Mexico.
Aromatic and healing elements of the Chihuahuan Desert are the foundation of treatments offered at Agavita Spa at Lajitas, The Ultimate Hideout in far West Texas.
While this diversity of insectivorous foraging strategies was found to be high in this area of the Chihuahuan Desert, the exact nature of the differences observed between 1995 and 1996 remains unclear.
The Franklin Mountains rise above the Chihuahuan Desert in a sparse display of exposed rocky slopes, steep shady ravines, and loose alluvial fans.
When he and his colleagues fenced off sections of the Chihuahuan Desert in 1977, excluding certain rat species from small plots of shrubland in southeastern Arizona, they had but a single goal: assessing the rats' ability to compete with native ants for the area's supply of large plant seeds.
For the more adventurous, the Chihuahuan Desert offers rugged and remote opportunities that provide another perspective of the dramatic contrast in climate, scenery, plant, and animal life found in the park.
Basin and range topography predominates the Chihuahuan Desert, with fault-block mountains separated by down-faulted basins.
Normally nocturnal Chihuahuan Desert animals (including kit fox, gray fox, and badgers) are out during the day.